Sunday, December 11, 2005

Words that mean the world

One of the greatest people Ive ever known wrote this..

When you look up tell me what do you see
Is it something that makes you believe
We were together for so long,
Hiding our secrets and saving our time

Oh oh I don’t know if this is right

Locked in the place that gave us grace
Swept through the redemption of our fate
You said you loved me, and so did i
I guess I miss you, that’s no lie

Oh oh I don’t know if this is right

We rode the wave until it crashed
Spread across the sands on our backs
Into your eyes, the oceans blue
I swam inside and said Farwell

Oh oh I don’t know if this is right

Don’t cry, it’s not right
Don’t lie it’s not our fault
Just hold onto the memory of what we had
And when you’re sad
Just call on my name
Ill be by your side
In then darkness or in the light!!!Its no lie

So it’s come to this; a letter in a song
Does it make you wanna turn
All the pages back to the start
Or are you satisfied to go afresh
And meet at the corner
As my best friend!!!!!

Its left me absolutely speechless - You have no idea how talented you are!
I never told him enough, Im sorry for that!
Thank you...

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Europe..... what a SCORE!

Yes, we were there! Mount something-or-other-in-Athens.

what a jol, too poor to eat at the restuarant we took bites of tomato and had to spit back onto our real greek pita breads! Trash of note but with a lack of cutlery, whats a girl supposed to do?

I miss those days something terrible. Sometimes it feels like there is no excitement, but I guess you just cannot expect everyday to be rivetting. Sad that life cant be that way!

The greek islands.... the place for sun, chill out and a party!

Mykonos, Paros and Ios.

cocktails, sunsets and days spent in the sun, every person should live this way. We were once told by someone I now view as a very wise person..."The greeks dont need psychologists because they can drink when they want, smoke when they want, they can have sex and relax. The English, they cant smoke, must stop drinking at eleven pm and cant have wonder there is a lot of work for psychologist - too much stress"

But of course!

Those who know you best...


How cool is it to have your own site?
Feel like a right CELEBRITY!
Life is slowly starting to look up and getting settled. Its so weird how certain parts of life can feel like an utter dream - as if they were never really a part of reality. Maybe its those parts that are integrated in your being the most and shape the person you become. So heres a massive CHEERS! to those who were a part of my dream. I love you guys and am a better person for knowing you!